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Ludvig Sunstrom is a almost new name in the “self help” apple – with “Breaking Out Of Homeostasis” (BOOH) and “The Ultimate Commonplace System” (TUCS) to his name.

The botheration with this is that although he’s risen absolutely rapidly, there is absolute little advertence to him above his amusing media attendance (which isn’t in actuality that prolific) – arch a amount of humans to become absolutely analytical as to who he is, and – added chiefly – what base his plan is appear under.

In the apple of online advance – area 12yr olds accept the aforementioned “reach” as 100+ yr old businesses – it’s basic to in actuality acknowledge WHO you’re ambidextrous with. As we all know, it’s EASY to affected your activity on amusing media… abundant added difficult to in actuality reside in accordance with what you’re *actually* doing.

This is why I originally accomplished out to Ludvig, and why I concluded up spending 1+ yr alive with him on a amount of projects (including TUCS 1.0). This commodity is my honest assessment of him – meant as a advertence for anyone searching to do business with him by purchasing his plan or annual his website.

Swedish National Active In Stockholm

Ludvig is Swedish and lives in Stockholm.

I don’t apperceive what he does for money, as he does not accept approved appliance and did not appear to accept any bartering admirers – at atomic if I met him.

I met him by advertent his “blog” in 2014. He wrote a amount of online writing which afflicted me, so – like with abounding humans who assume to accept things ample out – I contacted him and started talking. As we talked for about 6 months, he arrive me to appear to Stockholm which I did with my friend/business accomplice at the time.

When we met him in Stockholm, we didn’t absolutely do absolute abundant for a lot of of the week. There were several instances area we met up and did some filming or whatever, but afar from that – there wasn’t abundant by way of interaction.

However, the one affair that absolutely authentic the cruise – for me at atomic – was if he alien us to a new acquaintance he’d been cultivating a accord with for some time – Mikael Syding. Syding is a above hedge-fund manager; almost acknowledged by annual – Ludvig had been talking to him just like how I’d been talking to Ludvig.

Anyway, Ludvig had spent the absolute day talking to Syding in his accommodation in the centre of Stockholm; he arrive us in the black area we were able to altercate aggregate from business to Napoleon. This was agreeable for me particularly; the adeptness to affix with humans of such admiration & abyss is acutely rare.

What He In actuality Does For A Living

I don’t apperceive what he does for a living.

Like abounding Swedes, he seems to reside a activity of contemplative allowance alloyed with desultory bouts of “work”. The plan he in actuality does – like abounding added Swedes – could best be declared as humanitarian. For some reason, Swedish humans don’t like talking about money, don’t like to bang up a fuss and about don’t like searching out of place. For all the allocution of “contrarianism” that Ludvig espouses, he’s in actuality a big stickler for “rules”… he just articular altered rules to a lot of added people.

Irrespective of that, Ludvig’s primary “asset” if I met him (he’d just accelerating university) was a blog alleged “StartGainingMomentum”. This was started if he was in University and was a alloy of his own progress/indulgences and any discoveries he’d fabricated from the massive amounts of “reading” he’d been committing to. This focus on annual is predominantly what admiring me to him – as I’d never absolutely advised the action of advance to be so carefully associated with the absolute you augment your mind. This seems to be area abounding of his amount admirers began to acknowledge what he had to action as well.

In 2015 – about 1 year afterwards I met him – he began the “25Minuter” podcast with his acquaintance Mikael. The absolute benefaction of this was that it was answer as the “official” podcast of the “TradeVenue (.) se” web community. Mikael’s full-blooded as a 10-year barrier armamentarium manager, akin with Ludvig’s almighty insights from his reading, and the reach/audience acquired from TradeVenue, fabricated the adventure anon successful. It acquired about 1,500 admirers afterwards the aboriginal episode, a amount which grew to about 2,500 for the continuance of its existence.

Whilst Ludvig about quotes numbers of 20,000 admirers or 2,000,000 downloads – the simple accuracy is that the podcast acceptable had about 1/10th of that amount of “real” listeners. I’m not ever anxious with the absolute figure; just that several thousand humans acquainted in anniversary anniversary to accept to what the duo had in store. This is both admirable and a abundant achievement; because the podcast was originally done in Swedish.

To this end, I would accede the “podcast” (and its accessory services) the amount of what Ludvig could be declared as “doing” with his time for that duration.

Making Progress

25Minuter was connected for 2 years, during that time actual absolutely chargeless of charge.

There was already instance – area I helped – whereby Ludvig activated the Podcast’s admirers to action TUCS 1.0 (The Ultimate Commonplace System). This was absolute successful, with over 350 humans affairs in the aboriginal 78 hours. He was aswell EXTREMELY acceptable by giving my a allocation of the aboriginal week’s profits (which I never expected). This highlights a akin of generosity which I accept begin to be RARE – abnormally in the “professional” world. This was a absolute alluring action on his part.

After TUCS’ release, the duo seems to accept become apathetic with their podcast and absitively to “expand” it assimilate the all-embracing stage. At the alpha of 2018, they afflicted the name (to “Future Skills”) and alien Oskar Faarkrog into the aggregation to accommodate added able back-end work. I was arrive to accompany them but I had my own things to do.

In agreement of the next appearance – the absolution of the new podcast was aswell off the aback of Ludvig’s absolution his book “Breaking Out Of Homeostasis” – which became a best-seller on Amazon (where it was appear in December 2017 for the Kindle). This book was well-received on Amazon, with over 60 absolute reviews. There was one 1* analysis which appeared to be highlighting the actuality that BOOH was not absolute “actionable” – dealt a LOT with approach and happenstance.

The accepted continuing of Ludvig’s able persona seems to be that he’s a co-host of the “Future Skills” podcast (with his acquaintance Mikael), an columnist (of Breaking Out Of Homeostasis) and is putting plan into the addition of a “Risk Management” affairs for the podcast (video advance presented by Syding), as able-bodied as absolution the next adaptation of TUCS (2.0).


The acumen I absitively to address this is in actuality simple.

One of the MAJOR problems I’ve begin with Ludvig’s plan – and this should be advised a “warning” for anyone searching to buy from him – is that a lot of of what he does is acutely apparent level.

This isn’t a accord at his persona or anything, but if you accede the “work” that humans put out – abnormally added abstruse offerings such as what he produces (that about accept little-to-no competition), it’s important to accede what you’re in actuality accepting for your time/money.

The projects he works on accept a LOT of potential, but just don’t assume to DELIVER on their promises…

  • TUCS 1.0 could accept been a GREAT section of plan – but was too focused on the “mindset” abaft “commonplacing” (with assorted references to Napoleon) to be an able (actionable) product
  • BOOH could accept been a absolutely arresting community-driven acquaintance – but took too abundant time talking about lots of nonsense with the academician that doesn’t even matter
  • Future Skills should accept been focused on MONEY. The accepted offer/product is EXTREMELY anemic because it doesn’t absolutely action any one any specific RESULTS that they can attach to the system
  • TUCS 2.0 will acceptable be acutely apparent akin and carelessness the PLETHORA of opportunities to absolutely ability a arresting activity by the adoption, development & enhancement of SYSTEMS

I anticipate the amount of the botheration is that Ludvig is blessed getting a “messenger” for abounding altered ideas; but is anon clumsy to accommodate specific (actionable) RESULTS to abutment aggregate he espouses.

This abridgement of after-effects agency the articles mostly feel UNDERWHELMING.

For example, if you accede that “TUCS” (The Ultimate Commonplace System) was meant to accord the clairvoyant an acumen and acumen into the possibilities associated with befitting a “commonplace” – all they got was a paltry PDF book that explained about 2 altered “methods” to accumulate addendum – you’d apparently acknowledge the annoyance that I alone acquainted with it.


The amount advocacy I accept – as a third affair eyewitness & fan of Ludvig’s – is to focus added on the appliance of the assorted account he espouses.

He originally did this able-bodied with his “fasting” + “workout” posts on his blog (which are in actuality his a lot of accepted and absolute informative); problems appear if you attending at the added aspects of what he’s accomplishing – decidedly from a “professional” perspective.

I would wish to see both added risk-driven and “deeper” articles delivered on account of his brand. This is alone absolutely achievable if he puts himself through a aggregation of acquaintance which he may not accept had already; conceivably on account of businesses or individuals to advice advance their brands or some added thing. The point is that rather than putting out absolutely dry solutions, accomplishing captivation will be one of the best agency he can accomplish a added affiliation with his audience.

Presently, the abridgement of this abyss prevents his articles from absolutely alarming humans to absolutely about-face their habits. They are abundant at anecdotic the “process” of attaining assertive after-effects – but from an basal perspective, this doesn’t do absolute abundant for the client above introducing them to a amount of new concepts.


Ludvig is acceptable but in my assessment needs to focus added on the APPLICATION of the account he expounds.

It’s absolute simple to sit down and allocution about how things “should” be done, a MUCH altered amount to in actuality body systems, account and RESULTS from applying them himself.

To do this, I would agilely acclaim he alpha absorption assimilate in actuality basing his observations assimilate adventures he had himself. Of course, if you don’t accept adventures to draw upon, it agency you in actuality accept to plan on creating them.

If you’re because affairs any of his products, you charge to be accurate about what you’re assured to receive, and what you’ll in actuality get.

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